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Slide Background
01. Slide Background
Every slide includes a background, which can be a picture or solid color.
Step 1

To change the background click on the label bar and in the layer window select the style tab.

Step 2

Choose a source from the background top tab then upload an image or pick a background color.

Build & Design
02. Build & Design
Build any layout with layers and customize your designs limitlessly.
Step 1

To add a layer, click the green plus button in the left sidebar and select the type of layer.

Step 2

Select any layer and you can edit its content and style properties in the layer window.



MoDo Hockey

1Lisa JönssonMoDo HockeyMÅLVAKT
1Lauren BenchMoDo HockeyMÅLVAKT
2Anna AnderssonMoDo HockeyBACK
3Brooke HobsonMoDo HockeyBACK
7Lina LjungblomMoDo HockeyFORWARD
10Wilma SundinMoDo HockeyFORWARD
11Julia PerjusMoDo HockeyFORWARD
13Mira HallinMoDo HockeyFORWARD
15Linnéa AnderssonMoDo HockeyBACK
15Sofia SohlinMoDo HockeyFORWARD
22Jaycee MagwoodMoDo HockeyFORWARD
23Olivia CarlssonMoDo HockeyFORWARD
24Ebba HedqvistMoDo HockeyFORWARD
25Maja GrundströmMoDo HockeyFORWARD
26Vendula PribylovaMoDo HockeyFORWARD
28Tea Løkke NybergMoDo HockeyFORWARD
32Mariam El-MahmadiMoDo HockeyBACK
32Taylor WabickMoDo HockeyBACK
33Ebba TärnfjordMoDo HockeyBACK
45Paula BergströmMoDo HockeyBACK
49Jennifer WakefieldMoDo HockeyFORWARD
74Morgan WabickMoDo HockeyFORWARD