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Slide Background
01. Slide Background
Every slide includes a background, which can be a picture or solid color.
Step 1

To change the background click on the label bar and in the layer window select the style tab.

Step 2

Choose a source from the background top tab then upload an image or pick a background color.

Build & Design
02. Build & Design
Build any layout with layers and customize your designs limitlessly.
Step 1

To add a layer, click the green plus button in the left sidebar and select the type of layer.

Step 2

Select any layer and you can edit its content and style properties in the layer window.


Arena:Tegera Arena

Leksands IF

4Wilma JohanssonLeksand IFFORWARD
5Nathalie LidmanLeksand IFBACK
8Ella AlbinssonLeksand IFFORWARD
12Emelie BerlinLeksand IFFORWARD
13Hanna SköldLeksand IFFORWARD
15Emma PolusnyLeksand IFMÅLVAKT
19Lisa ÖstmanLeksand IFFORWARD
20Lisa ÖstrupLeksand IFFORWARD
22Agnez SvenssonLeksand IFFORWARD
24Ida KarlssonLeksand IFBACK
25Annika FazokasLeksand IFBACK
26Tuva KandellLeksand IFBACK
28Annie SilénLeksand IFBACK
32Fanny BrolinLeksand IFFORWARD
33Amanda JohanssonLeksand IFMÅLVAKT
34Bernadette KarpfLeksand IFFORWARD
37Abby ThiessenLeksand IFBACK
41Matilda Af BjurLeksand IFFORWARD
43Noemi RyhnerLeksand IFFORWARD
66Tereza RadovaLeksand IFBACK
71Anna PurschkeLeksand IFFORWARD
72Victoria KlimekLeksand IFFORWARD
73Hana HaasovaLeksand IFFORWARD
92Lenka CurmovaLeksand IFBACK